Strings and oboe

With Almah, his fourteenth album, the Israeli bass player and composer, Avishai Cohen - one of the world's greatest bassists, has gone back to the roots of his first musical experience: classical writing and harmony.

At the center of Cohen's music is a string quartet with a difference; Cohen has replaced one of the violins with a viola in order to benefit from its darker timbre and create more depth. Yoram Lachish on oboe is added to the ensemble and joins Cohen's core trio with young talents; Nitai Hershkovits on piano and Ofri Nehemya on drums.

”This is an album that defines a new language which carries the genes of a perfect synthesis between classical music and jazz, giving both the depth and respect they deserve.” (Tal Hashiloni, Presenter and Broadcaster).


    Almah CD cover.jpg


    Avishai Cohen – double bass & vocals

    Nitai Hershkovits – piano

    Ofri Nehemya/Daniel Dor – drums

    Yoram Lachish – oboe, english horn, zurna

    Cordelia Hagmann – violin

    Amit Landau – viola

    Noam Haimovitz Weinschel – viola

    Yael Shapira – cello & vocals